Broken Family

I remember standing at the end of my grandma’s road waiting for the bus to come. It was the start of my junior high year. I remember being anxious and nervous about starting a new school year at a new school. It was a smaller school than I was used to attending as the previous school was much larger. All the students in my class totaled no more than thirty. I remember going in to my homeroom class that morning. The teacher was nice and welcoming. She was asking questions of how everyone’s summer had gone etc.

Then I remember we had gotten on the topic of how many of us where apart of a broken family. A few of my classmates raised their hand. I looked around the room and realized that I was lucky to still have my parents together. I didn’t know what it was like to be apart of a broken home. Sure my parents fought and argued but nothing that they couldn’t overcome.

As I was in my second semester of school my mom had left my dad for someone else. I will spare the the details on that. Once my parents told my sister and I of the situation, I couldn’t understand. How could this be happening? The life that I had known was broken.

There was times when my mom would tell us things to get me and my sister to stay with her and not go live with our dad. Then I would see the hurt it caused my dad if I chose my mom. I was always the type of child/person that I wanted to please everyone because I didn’t want conflict. So when you are dragged between both parents it is hard.

I within myself had to learn how to cope with what was going on. Friends from school played a huge part in keeping my mind off things and offered support. It was a huge adjustment and one of the most hurtful things to endure as a child. Later on my mom and dad both remarried and I was able to get in to a routine of splitting time between the both of them.

Life is always filled with twists, turns, setbacks, surprises and victories. It is from those life lessons that help shape and mold who we are and what we become in life. Sure I could have taken the hurt and turned it in to rebellion but I chose to learn from my parents mistakes. I promised myself that I would not put my kids through that should I ever have any. Later on I would find myself trying to cling to that promise…more on that next time.

If you have read my posts thus far just know that I’m blessed to have you here. Sharing my life story with the world is scary but I hope that it inspires you….xoxo

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